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Never Loan Your Sock Glue to a Gymnast!

Nadia: Hi Bridget! Bridget: Hey Nadia! What’s up? Nadia: I was wondering if I could borrow some of that “sock glue” you were telling me about. Bridget: But gymnasts don’t wear socks! What are you going to use it for, … Continue reading

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Feis-Aid Kit for Feis Moms

Every dancer’s Feis Checklist should contain personalized First-Aid items that he or she may require and let me tell you, I’ve seen some Dancer First-Aid kits with enough supplies to handle virtually every ailment and injury to include performing emergency … Continue reading

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Building a Basement Dance Floor

My daughter’s dance floor is held together by screws and glue, and love, and sweat, and dreams. It’s surrounded by mirrors and the ghosts of every Feis she has attended. A kangaroo helped to build it. My daughter prefers to … Continue reading

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Why are They Called Poodle Socks?

Years ago, female Irish dancers could not wear black tights with their ghillies and hard shoes as they were considered somewhat seductive. White cotton socks were preferred for their durability, sensibility, and comfort. During the “dust bowl” of the great … Continue reading

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Shoes so Practical…

With the Feis season approaching, I picked up a present for my daughter: a pair of Corrs Hard Shoes. On the way home, I stopped off at a favorite pub to catch up with a few friends (who apparently live … Continue reading

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How Big Is Your Stage?

Some dance stages for performances are transported in the back of a truck. Some even fit in a mini-van. This one is probably airline carry-on size. Measuring in at just two feet by two feet, my daughter’s portable dance stage … Continue reading

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A Shameless Vendor Plug

We’ve all been through this. Your daughter is struggling with an uncooperative wig and a tight stage schedule when a friend rushes up breathless, “Bridget’s up on three!! “Bobbie pins! Where are the @&#*!^%  Bobbie pins!”, Bridget yells, dashing off towards … Continue reading

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