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Give Us This Day Our Soda Bread…

The bartender nimbly pushed the tap forward in solemn observance of the ancient rite of the “two-part-pour”. I could feel my nostrils flare as the head rose just proud of the rim. “The perfect pint”, he winked, wiping the bar … Continue reading

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Problems in Soda Bread Competitions

Dear ZandB,  I need your help! I’ve been dragging my daughter to Feshes for six years now and decided that I too should share in the joy of victory and entered the Traditional Soda Bread Competition. Problem is, when I … Continue reading

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Cicada Soda Bread…

Scientists predict that within the next month or so, the 17-year cicadas will attack and devour the entire east coast… Just kidding! Actually scientists are only predicting a million of these red-eyed monsters per acre in the New Jersey area … Continue reading

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