The Road to Oireachtas – The Game


Finally, the Irish Dance board game everyone can play! (And you don’t have to know a slip jig from a hornpipe).

Now you can compete against all comers on equal footing in a mad dash to be the first to make it to the Oireachtas!

Setting up the Game:

1. Set up the game board on a rudimentarly flat surface such as a table, the floor or, if at a Feis, on top of a wadded down Feis pile.

2. Place the red, “Ouch” cards and the “Oh Oh, What Did I do Now” cards on their corresponding squares on the game board.

3. Find one half of a pair of dice, commonly referred to as a “die”, which can be commonly found in your household junk drawer or, if you have a cat, under the living room couch. As a last resort you can raid other popular household board games such as Parchesi, Monopoly, or Yahtzee. Just remember to return the die where you found it, especially if stored under the couch by your cat.

Rules of the Game:

1. Each player throws a die to determine their playing sequence. Highest number goes first and so on. There are no Irish Points here, it you tie with someone, throw that die again

2. Each dancer throws the die in sequence and advances the number of spaces indicated on their die. Players continue advancing their pieces until the first player “Ascends the Oireachtas Podium” and is declared the winner of the race to the Oireachtas.

3. It sounds easy, but watch out when you land on a Green square with a question mark “?”, a Red square with “Ouch” or a square with “Big-T” on it. These squares are the speed bumps, road blocks and detours on the way to your goal.

4. If you land on a Green Square, you must select the top card from the Green stack of cards labeled, “Oh Oh, what did I do now?” Landing on a Green Square equates to committing an “Irish Dancer Faux Pas”, with a corresponding outcome or penalty. The player must follow the instructions written on the Green Card as their punishment for their error in judgment or Feis Etiquette. For example:

Oh-OhA sampling of some of the “Oh Oh, What Did I do now?” cards include:

– Wig falls off “whilst” in motion – Go back one space

– Feis dad gets into a minor altercation in parking lot after fender bender with, Oh my God!, your adjudicator! – Go back four spaces

– Oversleeps on Feis day and arrives just in time to watch the award ceremony for your competition – Go back two spaces.

– Adjudicator notices your TCRG giving you hand signals – Go back three spaces

– You spill Coca Cola on your major opponent’s Solo Dress and didn’t make it look enough like an accident – Go back five spaces

– You left your ghillies on the living room floor and your dog chewed them up – Go back two spaces

5. In addition to the Green Squares, try to avoid the Red “Ouch” squares as these represent typical injuries that plaque Irish dancers from time to time. Each player landing on a Red square must follow the instructions written on the Red “How bad Does it Hurt” card to determine the severity of their injury and recovery time. For example:

OuchA sampling of some of the “How Bad Does it Hurt?” cards include:

– Twisted ankle in Cheerleading – Go back five spaces

– Injured toe while trying to kick the dog after it ate your ghillies – Go back three spaces

– Slips on stupid &#@*%@ linoleum stage! – Go back two spaces

– Ignores mother’s warning about eating too much junk food and ends up doing two hand reel with a toilet – Go back two spaces

– Injury was “Only a Feis Wound” and not serious – No penalty.

6. In the event that the penalty imposed by a Red or Green card lands you one another Red or Green square, the penalty for that square, in this circumstance, does not apply. Life is rough enough for an Irish Dancer without having to undergo a “double or triple whammy”.

Finally, avoid the spaces labeled with “Big-T”


The Big-T is the ultimate Oireachtas roadblock. You are transferring schools! We don’t care why it happened nor how much whining you do, you have to face the music and the “restyling period”. Follow the arrow to the indicated space and just “deal with it”.

“Oireachtas – The Game” Coming to a Feis vendor near you soon!

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2 Responses to The Road to Oireachtas – The Game

  1. smwaldrop says:

    Please market and sell…..I want one.

  2. Super creative and a good laugh – Thanks!

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